About Illumicharts

Illumicharts began in 2006 after long study of Ludwig von Mises' Human Action. There I learned about the business cycle, its causes and its effects. At that point, though, while I had a priori knowledge, I wondered if the effects could be seen empirically. That was when I first encountered the Dow/Gold Ratio. Since then, I have made other connections and realizations. Some of these may be of interest to those who are on a similar quest to understand economics and the current economic environment.

Contact Me

If you have ideas, comments, questions, or if you know how to get data, especially daily data that includes either of the previous Dow/gold ratio cycles (daily data from the 20's and 30's or from the 60's and 70's), I'd love to hear from you. Contact me at thegeneralistmailbox@gmail.com. I am especially interested in data for silver and for oil.

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